Vienna 2015

Måns Zelmerlöw conquers Europe!

In a most exciting voting, Sweden has won the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. Måns Zelmerlöw fought off all other competitors and became Europe’s hero.
It was a tough battle for Måns, who had to fight off big competition from Russia’s Polina Gagarina and Italy’s Il Volo. Also interesting is that we have two more ‘nil points’: both Germany and host country Austria failed to gain a single point from Europe.
Meanwhile, also the split results have been revealed and it seems Italy won the televote, with Sweden landsliding the jury vote. The results we currently have say Italy won the televote with 366 points, ahead of Russia (286) and Sweden (279). The jury results looked rather different, with Sweden winning that with 353 points, followed by Latvia (249) and Russia (234). Italy finished in sixth there, with 171 points.
Looking at our own predictions, we seem to have been spot on with the top results: All of us had Sweden and Russia as the top five, then Italy, Belgium and Australia followed. Our sixth place was Latvia, which was also correct. None of us got the last place correct, though.
At the press conference, Jon Ola Sand handed the hosting duties over to SVT’s Christer Björkman, who confirmed that Sweden will start preparing the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday. He added that they’d probably open a bidding phase for interested cities.

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