Sebalter decides to focus on law instead of music

Sebastiano Paù-Lessi, professionally known as Sebalter, has decided to quit professional music. On his website he published a statement saying that he wants to go back to law and make that his life. Is that the final whistle on Sebalter’s music…?
Back in 2013, the freshly graduated lawyer decided to take a jump. The former violin player of Vad Vuc wrote Hunter of Stars and entered the Swiss selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. He, much to his own surprise, convincingly won the national final, travelled to Copenhagen and won the hearts of Europe when he qualified for the Grand Final. About that time, Sebalter says:

As was the case in the first selection [the Swiss national final], the result of Copenhagen and, most importantly, what it has achieved, has been beyond all expectations. Fortunately it came at a time of my life – at around thirty years old – that I was able to analyse the situation well, without letting myself get too enthusiastic (the risk of losing his head in such cases is high) but even downplaying the extent of what was happening. It was great: requests for television and public appearances increased dramatically.

His following music, including an album and a few singles, also did rather well among Sebalter’s Swiss and international fans, leading Sebalter to the planning of a promotional tour for his album. And that was also the point when Sebalter started doubting his future in the music business. Did he really want to continue? Was music the profession he’d go for in his life? No turned out to be his answer:

Did I really want it to become my life? And after a long and careful reflection I realised no, that I wanted to grow in something else. And so I have chosen to return to deal with law, full-time.

It’s sad to see Sebalter leaving the professional music business. He has truly become a surprise for many in the past few years. From the demo we all heard in the Swiss preselection to the fireworks and pre-recorded whistles on the Copenhagen stage, Sebalter improved his stage qualities big time. Even after Eurovision, his career blossomed and he turned out not to be a one-day fly. We’re sure Sebalter will be just as good at law as he is at music and, like with all artists, music runs in his blood, so it’s not the end of Sebalter and his violin for sure!
We’d like to wish Sebalter all the best in his future career and let’s enjoy his Eurovision performance once more!

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