Stig Rästa is back with new song from Traffic

Less than two months after returning Estonia to the top 10 at Eurovision, Stig Rästa is back alongside bandmates Traffic with the new single ‘Sekundiga’.
The film clip which was filmed earlier this week features a staggering number of Estonia’s big name stars including former Eurovision participants Ivo Linna, Lenna & Piret from Vanilla Ninja, Getter Jaani, Ines, Tanja, Elina Born, Maarja and 2001 winner Tanel Padar alongside a number of former national final participants.
The song which in English translates to ‘Seconds’ keeps in line with Traffic’s rock sound, tinged with folk similar to what we heard in their Eesti Laul 2014 offering ‘Für Elise’ with a distinctly summer feeling.
Check out the song below

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