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Summer releases – Part 5

Hi everybody!
This is the fifth chapter of our “summer releases” series, today dedicated to Scandinavian songs and including the fresh new single by Loreen, which was officially revealed a few hours ago but on the WWW earlier this week, plus other new Scandi tracks for all of you out there!!! Enjoy 😀
Loreen (Sweden) – I’m In It With You
And yes, we begin our Scandinavian trip with the latest single coming out of “Paperlight”, Loreen’s second album. “I’m In It With You” is a deep and heartfelt love ballad with a powerful melody and hypnotic arrangements, which, together with Loreen’s voice, creates an ethereal atmosphere full of feelings that are impossible to ignore, while maintaining the mystical personality of the singer as part of the spirit of the song. Loreen sounds incredible in this kind of track, this is a huge hit in my book!! Gorgeous song I’ve played 5000 times already 🙂
Lena Philipsson (Sweden) – Jag Är Ingen Älskling
Looking as fabulous as usual, Lena PH brings us a brand new song called “I Am No Sweetheart”, with text and music written by her, which she presented a few days ago as part of the Allsång På Skansen summer shows that SVT organises each year, full of Schlager stars. It is a retro tune where the main elements are Lena’s voice and the strings. Not as impressive as one would expect coming from Lena but perhaps this is the direction she wants to give to her career, moving towards a more adult yet somewhat playful pop. Still manages to make you move your foot and/or head to the rhythm of the track, so it’s not an epic fail at all… Phew!
Margaret Berger (Norway) – Diamonds

Now we fly to Norway to visit Margaret Berger, who is doing a collaboration with fellow Norwegian electro group F.A.C.E. to create “Diamonds”, an irresistible track with a great male/female interaction, fresh, young, vocally flawless, exquisite sound and a formula that will remind you of the times when Robyn was more “poppy” and less experimental or “Björky” but still impossible to hear only once. Awesome beat!!! Really looking forward to having a video of this one 🙂
Emmelie de Forest (Denmark) – Hopscotch

Time to move on and we land in Denmark to hear another former ESC winner giving us something new. Not a really mind-blowing melody or poetic lyrics and we should not always expect this from Emmelie, I know, but still the first 2 minutes of the song is a loop of the chorus with some lyrics in between and the chorus itself is just not powerful enough. Vocally, it is a song a 6-year old can sing just as well. Not impressed at all, especially comparing this one with songs like her ESC entry or the ESC anthem “Rainmaker”. Too repetitive, which becomes annoying and the last 5 seconds of the song are a proper “WTF?” moment.
Krista Siegfrids (Finland) – Better On My Own

Brand new song and video from the Ding Dong goddess! This is a happy breakup song which could perhaps look better performed by a teenage singer given the super young sound and vibe it has (hello Isa, I’m talking to you!). In any case, the track is uplifting and totally poptastic and you should definitely listen to it if you’re going through the same “better on my own” situation!! The video tries to complement the sweet sound of her voice and the melody with a naughtier side, which Krista knows exactly how to deliver. Going from “Marry Me” to feeling “Better On My Own”, it seems like our girl did not have a good experience with men 😛 My favourite part of the video is the last 30 seconds when she’s singing the title of the song touching herself (FAB) and she blows up her ex’s car as revenge! 😀
That is it for now guys. Stay tuned for the last chapter of our review… See ya! 😉

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