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From zeroes to heroes

It is the nightmare for every Eurovision contestant to end up last – worst case scenario: getting nul points. This nightmare became reality for not only one but two candidates this year. Germany’s hopes for Ann Sophie went up in black smoke as her song suggested. And even host country Austria couldn’t convince anyone to be theirs and give them at least a single point. At least, now they went down in Eurovision history as “the zeroes of our time” and became members of the very exclusive nul-point-club. It seems as if both Ann Sophie and The Makemakes have gotten over it and go on with their lives and careers now. We can also look forward to a possible zeroes-cooperation as Ann Sophie and The Makemakes were getting along great in Vienna and seemed interested in working together even before they shared the same destiny.
So far, they both have their own projects to be working on right now. Coming back to Germany after Eurovision Ann Sophie did a great job being confronted with the media. As she stated in a German talk show, it gave her strength that many people couldn’t understand the results in Vienna and were still supporting her and her performance. This is how she got over the disappointment rather fast. Even better, she actually takes the last place with pride and looks back at an amazing Eurovision experience. Recently, Ann Sophie was taking part in the Eurovision weekend in Berlin and while promoting her album Silver Into Gold she has also just released a new version of “Black Smoke”. Maybe this is Ann Sophie’s way of telling the world that she is not even beginning to think of giving up. The release of a more emotional version of “Black Smoke”, that is not as rough and cold as the original, is an effective way of doing so.

As for The Makemakes, it is still to be seen where their journey will lead them. Considering they have been on tour with One Republic, this is not a bad start. For now, studio time is taking over. Regardless of what happened at this year’s Eurovision – life goes on and The Makemakes are not planning on giving up. Two potential new singles are in progress, as well as a new album. Apart from that, the video to their new single “Little is much more” is worth watching. A new tour is being planned right now, which will lead the austrians to Germany, Switzerland and of course also through their home country. The time before and during the ESC was hard, their schedule tight. Therefore, the three musicians are now planning on taking things easier and not stressing themselves as much. Speaking of their music, the plan is to take some chances and experience. Although one thing is clear: Rock music is and will remain their style and they will stay true to that.

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