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PKN decide to split up

They were without a doubt the act that gathered most attention in the build-up to the Eurovision Song Contest: PKN. The Finnish punk group has now however decided that PKN will be no more after 2016.
The man who gave name to the group, Pertti Kurikka, will turn 60 next year. The bass player has said that he wants to quit music when he turns 60 and focuss on founding a handicrafts club, besides his other work as an illustrator and poet. Following his decision, the entire group have decided to end their adventure.
The four met each other in a centre for people with developmental disabilities and decided to form a group. After a successful documentary in 2012, The Punk Syndrome, they entered Uuden Musikiin Kilpailun this year and convincingly won it. Despite being favourites for the 2015 Eurovision victory, they finished last in their semifinal.
The group will do one last farewell tour before they call it quits. Sami Helle, also bassist in PKN, has decided he wants to go into politics next year. He’s aiming to run for the Helsinki City Council in 2017, for the Centre Party.

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