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Youddiph appears on The Voice Russia

A big surprise on Golos, the Russian version of The Voice, last night as Youddiph suddenly entered the stage! The singer, officially called Masha Katz, auditioned with the song What’s Going On.
Youddiph represented Russia on its debut in the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Vyechniy Stranik and finished 9th. She is also remembered for the dress she wore that evening, which some would like to refer to as a sundried tomato…
During her audition, Masha, now 42 years of age, had to sing in front of Alexander Gradsky, Basta, Grigory Leps and Eurovision’s own Polina Gagarina, who function as coaches on the show. Watch for yourself how it ended for Masha…

Click here to find out what happened after Masha's performance!

As you see, Masha managed to turn a few coaches around, one of which is Polina Gagarina. Grigory Leps also turned his chair for her and that’s now her coach on Golos 2015!
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