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Not Dotan, but Douwe Bob to Stockholm?

The rumour mill was in full swing, but Dutch newspaper Metro has just put oil to the small fire that existed. They have just published an article saying it’s not Dotan for Stockholm, but singer-songwriter Douwe Bob…
Douwe Bob is a surprising name to many [including to this editor], as he hasn’t really scored many hits… Ever. He is one of the successful candidates on a Dutch talent show ‘The best singer-songwriter’.  The 22 year old has, up til now, released five singles, of which only one made the top 10: Hold Me. That song was a duet with the woman who’s been connected to Eurovision twice in the past years: Anouk. His other songs failed to impress in the charts.
It is mainly because of his status that Douwe Bob is a surprising name. However, Avrotros have confirmed to Metro that they were in talks with Douwe Bob regarding the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. The broadcaster, as well as the singer himself, did however emphasise that no agreement had yet been reached and the decision had not been taken yet. All is still possible, it seems!
The chance that the Netherlands are going with a solo male singer are more than high this year. The only two serious names currently are Dotan and Douwe Bob. The third favourite, former JESC entrants and The Voice winners O’G3NE (formerly Lisa, Amy and Shelley) have said they were disappointed they weren’t selected for Stockholm, but also said they want to talk to Avrotros again in 2017.
Will it be Dotan? Will it be Douwe Bob? The odds seem to speak for Douwe Bob at the moment. If it is indeed one of these two, then we can expect confirmation from Avrotros within weeks, if not days…
Douwe Bob’s latest single ‘Sweet Sunshine’ was released a couple of months ago. What do you think? Would he make a good choice for The Netherlands?

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