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Anouk about Trijntje: “What the hell was that?”

Uh oh, trouble in the Dutch Eurovision land. Anouk has spoken up about Trijntje Oosterhuis’s performance in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. And she wasn’t happy what happened there…
During the show RTL Late Night, where Anouk appeared to talk about her new role as coach on The Voice of Holland, she was asked about Eurovision. When the conversation turned to Trijntje’s performance of Walk Along, a song co-written by Anouk herself, Anouk let loose all of her frustrations, openly criticising the package Oosterhuis delivered.
Anouk made it clear that Trijntje did a good job on the vocals, but everything else was a miss. She doesn’t regret giving her song away to Trijntje, though. Of course, Anouk mentioned the dress. The dress we all spoke about in May. Anouk said:

I suddenly saw her [Trijntje] in that dress on the evening news. That’s when I thought: Geez… Shit, what the hell. I thought: Well that’s not gonna work out. […] Trijntje really didn’t expect such reactions to her dress, to which I told her that that was a little naive. I mean, if you come up with a dress all the way down to your clitoris, there’s really no surprise when people react to it. […] She said no one told her the dress didn’t look good, but then I just think that no one has been honest with her.

Furthermore, Anouk said she talked to Trijntje multiple times about her staging, the lights on stage, but Trijntje only said ‘It was all going to turn out fine.’ Another point of criticism was the veil Trijntje wore in the first seconds of the song and the camerawork:

I mean, the lights, the angles of the cameras… What the hell was that with the thingy she threw away? This grieving veil thingy… I just didn’t get it. The angles, the way they filmed. I just don’t get that no one there ever said: Let’s do that differently, because it doesn’t work. I just don’t get it.

Anouk’s reputation is one of quite a loose cannon. She just lets rip at every subject anyone asks her about, which is also how we found out that Trijntje Oosterhuis was actually going to Vienna… Being the loose cannon she is, Anouk also let it slip that she will stay for a second season as a coach on The Voice of Holland. The first one with Anouk as a coach (season 6 in general) will start airing tomorrow.
The full clip of Anouk’s criticism is available to watch below:

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