Måns’ European Heroes Tour kicks off in Dublin, Ireland

On Tuesday night in a bustling Dublin city, the reigning Eurovision champion Måns Zelmerlöw took to the stage to kick off his 20-stop European Heroes Tour – and what an incredible opening performance it was!
Starting the tour in such a beautiful and iconic location as the Olympia Theatre in Dublin’s city centre was an unbelievable feeling as Måns had been waiting for this for a “long time” he said on the night.
As the fans took to their seats Irish Eurovision 2013 representative Ryan Dolan opened the show as Måns’ support act. He performed some of his own material, covers and of course finished with his catchy ESC tune Only Love Survives with a great reaction from the crowd.AqmrFSqLLELck4uk2W3kYDSCuMsysygN0GOcfmQn2ZQV
We had a short wait before the whole theatre went dark and the screens on stage lit up to display a countdown, beginning with 2007 and Måns’ first Eurovision attempt. As the years clocked up so did the suspense and as a victorious 2015 appeared. Another countdown blasted onto the screens counting down from 10 to 1 – the screams intensified and there Måns arrived!
Måns began the night off with new songs from his album Perfectly Damaged as we ate it all up, singing and clapping along!

Good evening Dublin!

His voice was as powerful as ever for every tune. The mix of songs created the perfect setlist for this intimate Irish gig. To many of the Eurofans’ delight he included a more rock-like version of Hope & Glory and had us on our feet for an amazing performance of Cara Mia, to which Måns was humbly surprised that so many of us could sing along at the top of our lungs. “I didn’t know what to expect!” he gushed as he held the mic out for us to finish the lyrics.
It was the perfect song to build up his encore to Heroes. Many of us ran up to the front of the stage to get closer and take in the ESC-winning performance! Identical to his MF and ESC staging, the familiar little man and his balloon made a welcome appearance – it was incredible to experience this on a smaller scale and Måns and his wonderful band gave it socks!
Here is the setlist below:

  1. Someday
  2. Heartbreak
  3. Stir It up
  4. While we’re alive
  5. Should’ve Gone home
  6. Unbreakable
  7. Hope & Glory
  8. Miss America
  9. Never Let You Go
  10. Core of You
  11. Hearts Collide
  12. Run For Your Life – (incl. covers of Shut Up and Dance + Are We Human)
  13. Cara Mia
  14. Heroes
  15. What’s In Your Eyes

After his energetic and dominant Heroes delivery, he brought things down a notch, sat on the steps leading to the stage just 1 meter away from us, and gave an intimate and heartwarming rendition of What’s In Your Eyes.
A highlight of the night, no doubt.
If you’re in London tonight, or close to one of the cities on the tour, don’t think twice about going – get your tickets now! Måns puts on an amazing, exciting, upbeat and throughly enjoyable show that you would be mad to miss.
Plus if you wait at the stage door afterwards he might just pop out to say hi, take pictures and sign tickets/flags. It’s definitely worth the wait… he does take adorable selfies 😉

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