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Time for a song in Maltese?

Malta should send a song in Maltese. This is one of the calls, amongst others, that are circulating in the social media.
The artists are expected to submit their songs at the end of this month. Along with Portugal, Malta is one of the longest awaited nations for a Eurovision victory.
The country’s official languages are Maltese and English, however since 1973 the Maltese decided to send a song performed in English. There were some exceptions, such as in 2000 when Claudette Pace sung a verse in Maltese.
Discussions on whether Malta should give it another try in Maltese rise from time to time, however now there is a facebook page tipping Corazon as the appropriate artist to represent the country with a song in her native language.
Corazon is not new to the Maltese national final, however she never achieved great results as she managed to when competing with Maltese songs in local festivals.
The last time Malta participated with a song in Maltese was in 1972. That year the country came last, however amongst some Maltese Eurovision fans there is still faith that with a great entry in Maltese, the Mediterranean island can be a contender for Eurovision glory.
Below you can watch the second and last Maltese entry performed solely in Maltese language;
1972 – L-Imħabba

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