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Xtra’s pick of the 21st Century

Friday is finally upon us, and what better way to start than to take a look back (not too far back now) to some Eurovision entries to kick off the weekend!

France 2014: TWIN TWIN – Moustache (26th place)

Whilst looking back through the multitude of entries that have graced the Eurovision stage in the most recent years – it’s safe to say we’ve seen everything from X to Y this past decade. I’ve decided to pick a song from 2014 that always picked up the mood and would help kick off the weekend.
TWIN TWIN’s Moustache certainly was one of France’s more random entries over the years. Back to the time where France were typically pacing around 1st and 4th place between ’75 and ’81, they’re not so much on that side of the voting table this century.
Regardless, TWIN TWIN certainly gave it their all in the performance – their colourful, bold and optical staging matched with their attire and brought something extra crazy to the 2014 contest.
This funky and upbeat tune provided something that everyone could mumble along to – even if your only knowledge of French was “douze pointe” or “je ne sais quoi”, merci Hera Björk! Their love of the Moustache was very on-trend at the time, but sadly votes for it were not as it ended up in 26th place that night in Copenhagen.
For me it was one of my favourites from the 2014 contest – even though the public and juries didn’t seem to agree 😛 Nevertheless, it was a mad, fun and an enjoyable 3 minutes of entertainment.
What better way to dance our way into the weekend!

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