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K3 searched and found new K3

Back in 1999, Belgium were introduced to K3. The group consisting of Karen, Kristel and Kathleen participated in Eurosong and shocked the nation: Why did this kids’ group decide to participate in a Eurovision event? The group however went on to have massive success in Belgium as well as The Netherlands. Tonight, their adventure ended. And started again…
The success of K3 is quite the list: Five films, three of their own TV shows, two musicals, their own series of books, nineteen albums (of which ten reached #1 in the Dutch charts, eight did so in Belgium), a massive load of singles, sold out concerts for the past fifteen years and over 6 million sold singles. Some success no one could’ve expected when they were absolutely trashed in Eurosong 1999 with their song Heyah Mama. Jury member Marcel Vanthilt called them ‘fine meat’ and called their song ‘baby music’…
Back in 2009, Kathleen Aerts decided to call it quits. She left K3 and was, through a talent show, replaced by Josje Huisman. Earlier this year, Karen, Kristel and Josje said their time at K3 had to come to an end: With two of them pushing 40, it was time to find some new blood. A new talent show was designed to find the new K3.
The talent show ended tonight with the new K3 being chosen. The members are Flemish Marthe de Pillecyn and Hanne Verbruggen, accompanied by Dutch Klaasje Meijer. A tour will now follow in which the old K3 will tour together with the new K3. After that, Marthe, Hanne and Klaasje will continue as the one and only K3.
Check out ‘Heyah Mama’ and a more recent acoustic version of their 2009 single, ‘Mama Se’ below!

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