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Xtra’s pick of the 50s & 60s

Welcome to another week of Eurovision picks from your escXtra team. As usual, we start the week with an oldie, and this week Wivian has chosen the song from the early days of the contest.

Denmark 1959: Birthe Wilke – Uh, Jeg ille ønske jeg var dig (5th place)

The black and white era of Eurovision Song Contest is the one I know the least, and also the one that has the fewest of my favorites. And to be quite honest; I‘m really not all that interested in this era… (Sorry! Bad fan, I know!) But sometimes even I find the occasional gem hidden among all the blah (in my opinion) of this period.
I started watching Eurovision when I was a child, and only listened to the songs from each year, so the songs from before that time kind of didn‘t exist for me. I probably didn‘t listen to most of the entries from the first 15-20 years of the contest until only a few years ago. Up until then I basically only knew the winners, the Norwegian entries and the very few non-winners who became hits in Norway.
When listening to these older songs, I generally don‘t feel like I‘ve missed out on great music by not listening to it earlier, but once in a while a little pearl will appear.
One of these little pearls is performed by a Danish girl wishing she was the boy she has a crush on…cuz then he would reciprocate her love. Basically what she‘s saying is that if she was him, he would love her. Makes sense, no? I have to admit that there was a time (or two?) when I felt exactly the same way…
Great art it might not be, but it‘s one of these charming little songs that will always make you smile, and it‘s bound to make you think of that special someone from (way) back when…

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