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Gerard Joling lip-syncs to ‘Walk Along’

When one Eurovision entrant enters a lip-syncing competition to do his version of another Eurovision entrant, you know it’s going to be fun. Dutch TV witnessed such an occasion tonight when 1988 representative Gerard Joling did his version of Trijntje Oosterhuis’s much discussed Walk Along.
In a format called Playback Je Gek, based on the world famous Dubsmash app, celebrities get a chance to do one performance in order to collect money for charity. Joling, who’s an ambassador for the national fund for the elderly, decided to take on the challenge. And the dress. Yes, that dress.
Known for glitter, glamour and humour, Joling took the stage, complete with the veil and the heavily discussed dress she never even wore during the semi. The ensemble was finished by the word ‘L-O-V-E’ written on his fingers and some fillings on his behind, to replicate Trijntje’s rather large hips.
Joling turned into a proper cartoon of everything we’ve ever discussed in Trijntje’s performance: her dress, her veil and those hips. Good Lord, those hips…
See for yourself how that all worked out…

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