Xtra Eurovision Advent Calendar; 5 December

It’s always double the fun when Eurovision artists find each other across borders, musical styles and ages. Here we have no less than three, or perhaps we should say four, Eurovision countries represented, even though there are just two singers on stage…

Norwegian Wenche Myhre represented Germany in the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest in London. She performed the song “Ein Hoch der Liebe”, finishing 6th with a total of 11 points.
Australian Johnny Logan hardly needs an introduction, but still; He represented Ireland in the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest in Haag, when he won with “What’s Another Year”, receiving a total of 143 points. He also won the contest in 1987 in Brussels, performing his own “Hold Me Now”, earning 172 points. And to add to his status as the king of Eurovision, he composed the winning entry in 1992; Linda Martin’s “Why Me?”.

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