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Xtra’s Anti-pick of the 80s

We keep listing the anti-pick from our editor. And today we have Matteo with a lot of questions…
Spain 1983: Remedios Amaya – ¿Quien maneja mi barca? (last place – nul points)

Oh Remedios, Remedios! How could you not expect it to end up last with a nul point?
First of all: the song is clearly not suitable for an orchestra. The arrangements was quite confusing and in some bits it just sounded like a cluster of instruments without any purpose.
Aesthetically: that hypnotic dress – as much as it was probably fashionable in 1983 – it was clearly not the right choice for the style of the Eurovision back then. It was a risky choice, not classy nor event-oriented enough to please the jury.
And the voice! What happened to the Remedios Amaya of the studio version? Why did you started shouting randomly, disrupting the (already difficult to follow) melody? It just sounded like someone forgot the word to the song.
And the pace too: a bit shy in the beginning, aggressive throughout, punchy in the end… you weren’t focused enough to keep a linear execution.
And if I can add: if the jurors knew what you were singing about, they would have been very very confused. His mother’s braid? Why do you want to know who braided it? And why would you want to braid your hair and his hair? And why is the green of his eyes basically identical to any other green that you’ve seen? What the hell is going on with that boat?
Last but not least: the non existent dance moves. Very rigid in the beginning, quite random towards the end.
The results was pretty easy to predict, poor Remedios.

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