Which Eurostar had the best single in 2015? (Part 1)

The year is coming to an end and that means we’re looking back on the year. For all of the artists entering the Eurovision Song Contest, the rule goes that there is a life after Eurovision. Sometimes, these artists release some pretty good stuff in their after-Eurovision life.
So we want to ask you, our reader, who you think had the best single in 2015. We’ve selected eight of our favourite tracks by former Eurovision participants and it’s your job to select your favourite of these eight. You can vote on our Twitter.

The songs: Part 1

Below you can find the first four songs battling it out for two tickets to our final. Our artists today are Ruth Lorenzo, The Common Linnets, Il Volo and Anggun (ft. Florent Pagny). Check their songs out below!

Ruth Lorenzo – 99

A few months ago, Ruth Lorenzo dived back into history and decided to sing a song about 1999. It’s her first song in English in quite a while. According to my colleague Nathan, this sounds like Taylor Swift’s Out of the Woods, which I think is quite a good comparison. Ruth is still a fan favourite in the Eurovision world and this song was received very well in her fan world as well. Definitely worth a listen.

Anggun & Florent Pagny – Nos Vies Parallèles

One of the more recent tracks on our list comes from Indonesian-French singer Anggun. Despite a terrible finish in Eurovision (who doesn’t remember her televoting 0 points despite touring all of Europe), Anggun is still going strong in both France and Indonesia. She teamed up with Florent Pagny, a singer whose last twelve albums all went top three in France. Nos Vies Parallèles is a haunting mix of cultures and languages which certainly deserves a listen.

The Common Linnets – We Don’t Make The Wind Blow

A big revelation in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest turned into a nightmare afterwards when Waylon decided to quit the group. The success however didn’t have the same downfall as Waylon did. This year, Ilse DeLange and her group were invited to sing the soundtrack to a new American series, Wayward Pines. That song turned out to be We Don’t Make The Wind Blow, which stays true to what we expect and want from The Common Linnets.

Il Volo – L’Amore Si Muove

They won the televoting in 2015, but they didn’t win Eurovision. That didn’t stop Il Volo at all. One of their follow-up singles went down particularly well with us and I personally think it’s a massive improvement over Grande Amore. This one, L’Amore Si Muove is a little more uptempo and it fits well within the Italian popera genre in 2015: classy, good vocals and rather upbeat.

Now vote!

Go to the Twitter account to cast your vote. You can only vote once and the idea is to vote for your favourite. As we said, the top two will progress to the final. Tomorrow you can expect the other four songs we selected for you!

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