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Xtra’s Pick of the 70s

A pick that is not at all Christmassy for the 70s pick. Matteo dishes out one of his favourite songs ever…

Greece 1974: Marinella – Krasi, thalassa kai t’agori mou (11th place)

I am not usually a fan of summer, but if I want to think of a place I’d love to be during the nicer seasons, I would definitely pick Greece.
It is definitely the results of one too many “Mamma Mia!” movie screening, where you can just picture yourself on the beach, with the sea against your feet and all.
Ok, it’s a bit weird talking about this in December, but there’s pretty much a reason: if I have to choose my favourite song ever from Eurovision during the 70s, it would definitely be the Marinella entry from 1974: Krasi, thalassa kai t’agori mou.
A debut for the Hellenic republic in style, with one of the biggest stars of that time singing the most greek song ever.
Picture this: it’s night in a Greek town. Children are singing in the streets, the moon shines, the buzuki keeps playing, the world keeps spinning and Marinella gets out of the balcony and in the moonlight she is satisfied about having a bit of wine, a bit of sea and her boyfriend.
I didn’t go mental, that is pretty much the translation of all three minutes of the song.
The song finished in the second half of the scoreboard, one year before the “12 points” voting system was implemented. Marinella achieved a shocking 11th place (she deserved more – ROBBED as Rodrigo would shout) with only 7 points.
But that was just the beginning of one of my beloved countries competing in this wonderful contest.

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