Reni Tolvai: “My song is not the typical Eurovision song” [Interview]

She entered A Dal before and she is now one of the hottest favourites to win A Dal 2016. We had the honour of catching up with Reni Tolvai, who’ll be competing against her boyfriend in the next few weeks… First of all, why is Fire the ideal Eurovision song for you?
Reni: Maybe because it’s not. Obviously my song is not the kind of Eurovision song we are used to, but I think that a lot of people will fall in love with that sound and the lyrics. It’s fresh,it has that sexy beat and it makes you feel stronger and ambitious.
X: Why did you decide to enter A Dal 2016?
R: It’s funny but my manager and my label sent my song to A Dal and I didn’t expect it to enter the contest, but I was amazed and extremly happy when they told me I got in!
X: A few choices for you to make: Budapest or Stockholm?
R: I’ve never been to Stockholm, so I’m going to choose Stockholm!
X: Gulyás or Köttbullar?
R: I think I’m gonna choose Köttbullar cause gulyás is too greasy for my taste…

András & Reni Source:
X: Beach holiday or go skiing?
Definitely beach holiday, I hate being cold!
X: Who should win A Dal?  You or your boyfriend András Kállay-Saunders and the KállaySaunders Band?
R: Hahaha I hope that it’s one of us 🙂
X: Favourite artist to listen to?
R: Beyoncé
X: Watching a movie at home or going to a club?
R: Watching a movie everynight before sleep and going to a club once a week 🙂
X: Hagylak Menni or Fire?
R: Fire 🙂

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