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Minus One singer auditions on The Voice… in France!?

Francois Micheletto, the lead singer of Minus One – that’s right, the band representing Cyprus at this year’s Eurovision, auditioned on The Voice France last night. Unfortunately, only one of the coaches, Florent Pagny turned around for him. You can watch Francois’ performance of U2’s With or without you below.
You could wonder about Francois’s decision to take part in The Voice France, considering his band is releasing their song for Stockholm tomorrow, and with only three months left until Eurovision, starting a career in another country might be quite the odd idea. Another fun fact is that the French competition will have its final at the same time as Eurovision. Guess Francois doesn’t have much hope he can succeed in both competitions…?
Do you think applying for The Voice was a good idea for Francois? Vote in our poll below!

Was Francois’s decision to enter The Voice France a good one?
No, he should focus on his Eurovision plans.
Yes, it’s his career, so his decision.


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