Roger Cicero dies aged 45

A shock goes through Germany today as singer Roger Cicero dies aged 45. He died last Thursday, 24th March 2016 from a cerebral infarction.
A day after his last television performance, Roger Cicero showed signs of a cerebral infarction. In the hospital, his situation suddenly deteriorated. He lost consciousness and died on 24th March.
Roger Cicero was born on 6th July 1970 in Berlin. He was the son of the Romanian piano player Eugen Cicero. Cicero was known to Eurovision fans for representing his country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 with Frauen Regier’n Die Welt. He finished in nineteenth place with 49 points, but his career wasn’t harmed one bit. He released five more albums, four of which made the top five in Germany. His last television appearance was last week, when he promoted his new album on Bayerisches Fernsehen. His next tour was scheduled to take place next month and he was nominated for an ECHO, the biggest German music prize.
Roger Cicero’s management has asked fans not to send them letters of condolence as they would prefer a donation to the Save The Children trust. Cicero leaves a seven year old son behind.
The thoughts of the entire team are with Roger Cicero’s friends and family in these difficult times.

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