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Lys Assia chooses Ira Losco as her 2016 favourite

The first winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Lys Assia, has made a tradition out of revealing her top twenty of the current Eurovision every year. She posted her latest top twenty this morning, with Malta’s Ira Losco topping the list.
In past years, Lys somehow managed to get a lot of the actual top ten somewhere in her own ranking. For example, she had Norway as her winner last year, with Georgia, Estonia and Italy also making her top ten. The eventual winner, Sweden, was nineteenth on Assia’s list. The year before, she had Austria (#4), Sweden (#5) and The Netherlands (#8) in her top ten.
Now, we’re not saying Lys Assia is the oracle of Eurovision (she also had Axel Hirsoux #1 in 2014…), but it’s still interesting to see what a 92 year old thinks about the songs on offer this year. Her top twenty looks like this:
1. Malta
2. FYR Macedonia
3. France
4. Serbia
5. Russia
6. Austria
7. Italy
8. Bosnia & Herzegovina
9. Czech Republic
10. The Netherlands
11. Australia
12. Ukraine
13. Switzerland
14. Iceland
15. Israel
16. Bulgaria
17. Croatia
18. Poland
19. Sweden
20. Armenia
So what do you think? Which of Lys Assia’s favourites will do well in Stockholm? And which will flop? Let us know!

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