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A year later – Trijntje Oosterhuis brings out the dress

The shock in the fandom was omnipresent last year when Trijntje Oosterhuis appeared in the cleavage dress during the Eurovision 2015 rehearsals. After a lot of discussion, Trijntje decided to get rid of the thing and wear the… parachute in Vienna. Last night, Trijntje surprised Dutch TV viewers by wearing the (in)famous dress.
Trijntje, now participating as a coach on the show It Takes 2, was asked by her candidate to wear the dress for their joint rendition of The Lady Is A Tramp by Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. There was a minor problem: Being tired of the discussion last year, Trijntje auctioned the dress for charity. She promised her candidate, Jan Versteegh, to wear it if he could find it.
She obviously didn’t think he’d pull it off, but there she was, wearing the dress, complete with green hair – just like Lady Gaga had in the original. Jan and Trijntje were said to pull off a good show, according to the jury, as they scored 29 out of a possible 30 points.
In It Takes 2, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Glennis Grace (2005) and Waylon (2014) all mentor a group of Dutch celebrities who are not normally known for being singers. The final is next week, with Trijntje’s Jan Versteegh being one of the finalists.
What do you think about Trijntje and this dress? Would it let her escape from the claws of the Barbara Dex Award?

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