JESC Running Order revealed!

Junior Eurovision comes closer everyday, with the contest taking place in less than a week. Today was the day of the Opening Ceremony. And today, the running order of the contest was decided, after a two-step process.

The Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony for JESC this year took place today, Monday 20th November at 15:30 CET, in Tbilissi’s National Library. It included, among other things, a Red Carpet ceremony, just like its “senior” counterpart.

After the Red Carpet event, a first allocation draw took place. Its purpose was to determine the songs that would open and close the Junior contest. Cyprus was drawn for the 1st position, and Italy for the 16th and last one. After that, it was time for Georgia to be placed. Indeed, just like in the ESC, the hosting country’s position is randomly drawn. Georgia will be the 9th country to sing in the Tbilissi Olympic Stadium.

Later, the JESC producers decided on the rest of the running order. The official criteria for their decision was diversity. It means the running order should allow each song to “shine”, contrasting with the entries performing before and after it.

The 2017 JESC running order

  1. Cyprus
  2. Poland
  3. The Netherlands
  4. Armenia
  5. Belarus
  6. Portugal
  7. Ireland
  8. F.Y.R. Macedonia
  9. Georgia
  10. Albania
  11. Ukraine
  12. Malta
  13. Russia
  14. Serbia
  15. Australia
  16. Italy

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What do you think? Who are the winners and losers of the running order? Will the pre-contest online voting reduce its effect? Share your thoughts by commenting below or on social media @escxtra !

And enjoy (re)listening to this year’s entries with the new official playlist, re-arranged to follow the running order!

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