An Xtra Happy Birthday; April 4th

After celebrating just one Eurovision birthday boy yesterday, it’s definitely time to take it up a few nothces. Therefore; today we bring you no less than seven (yes, SEVEN!) Eurostars to help us celebrate! Three of them are even born on the same day, though they are in no way triplets! One of the three took part when she was only XX years old, while the other two participated much more recently. We give you Nathan Trent!  

David Alexandre Winter, 75

Even though he’s Dutch, David represented Luxembourg at the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest in Amsterdam. He performed the song “Je suis tombé du ciel”, but he did not, however have much luck. He finished dead last, with 0 points.

Avi Toledano, 70

Avi represented Israel at the 1982 Eurovision Song Contest in Harrogate. He performed the song “Hora”, finishing in a fantastic second place with his own song “Hora”. The year after he took another second place at Eurovision. This time he didn’t do it on stage, however, but as one of the songwriters of the Israeli entry, “Hi“.

Maria Mendiola, 66

Maria Mendiola represented Luxembourg at the 1978 Eurovision Song Contest in Paris. She did so as half of the duo Baccara, performing the song “Parlez-vous français?”, finishing in seventh place.

Maribelle, 58

Maribelle represented the Netherlands at the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest in Luxembourg City. She performed Ik hou van jou”, which later has become some of a classic among fans. Despite being one of the pre-contest favorites, she finished in a disappointing 13th place out of 19 entries.
Maribelle also took part in the Dutch preselection the year before, with two songs, “Marionette” and “Fantasie“, finishing second and third. She also had two songs in the final in 1984, when she finished first with “Ik hou van jou” and second with “Vanavond“.

Christina Metaxa, 26

Christina Metaxa represented Cyprus at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. She performed the song “Firefly”, which her brother had written for her. Competing in the second semi-final. she finished 14th out of 19, therefore not qualifying for the grand final.

Nathan Trent, 26

Nathan Trent represented Austria at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv. He competed in the second semi-final, where he finished a lovely seventh place, thus sailing through to the grand final. There, however, he didn’t do nearly as well, finishing in a rather disappointing 16th place.

Nina Kraljic, 26

Nina represented Croatia at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. She performed her song “Lighthouse” in the first semi-final. There she finished in 10th place, thereby just making it to the grand final. On the Saturday night she recieved 73 points, thus ending up in 23rd place out of 26 participating countries.

All of us here at escXtra wish today’s Eurovision birthday stars the very happiest of celebrations! 

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