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Madame Monsieur perform “Mercy” in English at the London Eurovision Party

The London Eurovision Party usually has a good few surprises in store for the fans attending the event. Last Thursday, French Eurovision hopefuls Madame Monsieur treated the audience to an English version of their Eurovision song “Mercy”.

Madame Monsieur captivate the crowd

The audience really seemed to like Madame Monsieur’s effort. In a toned down version, Émilie and Jean-Karl managed to get the audience on their side for the full four minutes.

It was the first ever performance of the French Eurovision song in its English version. After the event, Madame Monsieur commented on Twitter to state how much they had enjoyed the event.

At Eurovision

France were one of the first countries to pick their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Back in January, “Mercy” won the French national final Destination Eurovision. The story of a Nigerian refugee baby, born on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea, managed to get enough support from the French televoters.

At the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, Madame Monsieur will perform their entry fully in French. As France are a member of the Big Five, they have automatically qualified for the Grand Final in Lisbon.

What do you think about the English version of “Mercy”? Let us know!

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