An Xtra Happy Birthday; April 9th

Yesterday on 8th of April three Eurovisvision singers had a birthday. Today, however, are four Eurovision artist the celebrate their birthday. Three birthday ladies and one birthday boy who has yet to perform at Eurovision. Tania, Mandy Huydts, Fabrizio Moro and Visna Pisarović were born on this day.


Tania (Soultana Tania Tsanaklidou), 68

Greece selected Tania in 1978 to go on their behalf to go to Paris. That is why she performed the song “Charlie Chaplin”. The song did quite alright and ended in 8th place.

Mandy Huydts, 49

In 1986 Netherlands selected the girl group Frizzle Sizzle to go to Norway. Mandy was one of the girls. There they performed the song “Alles heeft een ritme” on the night. The song got 40 points, therefore ending in 13th place out of 20 acts.

Fabrizio Moro, 43

Italy selected the duo Moro and Ermal Meta to be their act at Eurovision in 2018. There song is called “Non mi avete fatto niente” and will be sung at the final in Lisbon. The video is quite touching and has lyrics subtitled in many langugaes. Your language as well?

Vesna Pisarović, 40

In 2002 Croatia picked Vesna as the winner of the national selection Dora. Therefore won the right to go to Tallinn. The song is called “Everything I Want” and scored 44 points which seccured her the 11th place. She took part again at Eurovision in 2004 then as a composer. She wrote “In the Disco” which was Bosnia and Herzegovina entry.
We all here at escXtra would like to wish them all a wonderful birthday!

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