An Xtra Happy Birthday; April 10th

Yesterday on 9th of April, three Eurovision artist celebrated their birthday. Today there in total of four singers that have a birthday. Two of the birthday stars were born in Belgium. One of the three birthday girls won Eurovision. Lily Castel, Katrina Leskanich, Linas Adomaitis and Loïc Nottet were born on this day.


Lily Castel, 81

Less them a week before the Eurovision final in 1971, Jacques Raymond and Lily had step in and represent Belgium. Because Nicole got ill and thus could not perform the song with Hugo. That is why Lily went on stage in Dublin and performed the song “Goeiemorgen, morgen”. The song ended in 14th place out of 18 acts.

Katrina Leskanich,  58

UK selected the world famous band Katrina and the Waves to go on their behalf Eurovision in 1997. Katrina was the lead singer of that band. Therefore they went on stage in Dublin where they performed the song “Love Shine a Light”. The song received 227 points which, like you know, gave them the victory!

Linas Adomaitis, 42

Lithuania pick the duo Linas and Simon to be their act at Eurovision in 2004. Linas is one of the songwriters of the entry “What’s Happened to Your Love?”. The song was performed at the semi final, since Lithuanian did not take part the year before. The song finished 16th there and therefore not qualifying to the final.

Loïc Nottet, 22

Belgium selected Nottet in 2015 to go their behalf to Eurovision. Therefore he went on stage in Vienna, Austria. The song was quite popular and finished second in the first semi final. And at the final the song got 217 points, which means it landed the 4th place. To add a bit of information, one of his back up singer was SuRie,  is UK’s representative in 2018.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish them the very best on their birthday!

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