Saara Aalto relases multilingual “Monsters”!

Saara Aalto, who will represent Finland at Eurovision this year, has released an multilingual, acoustic version of her song “Monsters” on Youtube yesterday. All Eurovision languages are here!

All national languages

Yes, all of them! Or at least, all official, national languages. 31 for 43 countries, since some languages are shared through Europe (Italian is official in Italy, San Marino and Switzerland, English in Ireland, the UK, Malta and Australia, etc.). Here is the complete list, in the song order:

  1. English
  2. Swedish
  3. Portuguese
  4. Greek
  5. Estonian
  6. Dutch
  7. Italian
  8. Azerbaijani
  9. Georgian
  10. Lithuanian
  11. Icelandic
  12. Norwegian
  13. French
  14. Spanish
  15. Armenian
  16. Hungarian
  17. Danish
  18. Polish
  19. Slovenian
  20. Macedonian
  21. Albanian
  22. Czech
  23. Ukranian
  24. Latvian
  25. Serbo-Croatian
  26. Bulgarian
  27. German
  28. Russian
  29. Romanian
  30. Hebrew
  31. Finnish

The many translations came, it seems, from Saara herself, but also from other friends, colleagues and fans. They are listed in the “Thank you” section of the video description. One of them was Ari Ólafsson, the Icelandic contestant this year!

Saara the polyglot

Saara Aalto recorded the same kind of video with the song “Let it Go” from Frozen, the Disney movie, as she was one of the Finnish dubbers. While she “only” sang in 15 languages, but the video collected more than 4 millions Youtube views, and she was praised by many for her diction.
Saara is also known as a polyglot, having studied English, French, Chinese, Japanese and Swedish (as well as, obviously, Finnish…). In 2013, she released an album in continental China, with most tracks sung in Mandarin (Chinese), Ai De Zhu Fu.
What do you think? Would you like to hear more multi-lingual covers from Saara? Did she nail the diction of your language? Tell us more with the comments below or on social media, at @ESCXTRA !

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