An Xtra Happy Birthday; April 13th

Yesterday on 12th of April, six Eurovision performers celebrated their birthday. However, today there are three singers that have a birthday. Two birthday ladies and one birthday boy. The birthday boy is a Eurovision winner. Mando, Marta Jandóvá and Noller Olsen where born on this day.

Niels “Noller” Olsen, 64

In 2000 Denmark selected the Olsen Brothers to go to Stockholm. Noller and Jørgen performed the song “Fly On the Wings of Love” on the stage.  The love flew their why back to them, and the won the contest.

Mando, 52

Mando was really close to winning the Greek selection in 1989, and would have because one jury member failed to give his votes. However her Eurovision story does not end there, she was selected to be Greece representative in 2003. Where she performed her song “Never Let You Go” on stage in Riga. At the end of the voting, Mando had gotten 25 points, leaving her in the 17 place out of 26 entries.

Marta Janová, 44

Czech Republic selected the duo Marta and  Václav Noid Bárta to go on their behalf to Eurovision in 2015. That is why they sang “Hope Never Dies” in Vienna, Austria. Unfortunately for them the song did not advance to the final.

All of us here at escXtra would like to wish the best on their birthday.

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