How well did the Eurovision 2018 acts listen to Love Love Peace Peace?

Back in 2016, Edward af Sillén wrote lyrics that would turn him into the man behind one of the most prolific interval acts in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw showed Europe how to make the perfect Eurovision song with “Love Love Peace Peace”. Now, two years later, we at decided to take a look at those lyrics. How well did the acts taking part in Eurovision 2018 listen to “Love Love Peace Peace”? Check it out here!

Intro: Preparing for the show

Step 1! Get everyone’s attention. A powerful, majestic start. Maybe a battle horn of some kind?

We admit, Danica Krstajic from Balkanika is not quite a battlehorn as such. But the sounds she produces sure make her a powerful, majestic start!

Step 2! Drums! There has to be drums! It doesn’t hurt if the drums are played by gorgeous topless men. It’s proven very efficient throughout the years. But, please feel free to try other alternatives. It’s proven very helpful to go the exact opposite way. Use a grandmother!

Sorry Corinne, not a grandmother, but you sure work those drums, girl!

Step 3! Show the viewers your country’s ethnic background by using an old traditional folklore instrument that no-one’s heard of before
In this case, it’s proven much more efficient to not use a young model. Go with an old man instead. A beard helps!

Beard: Check! Old man: Check! And hey, let’s just classify that flute as a traditional, Serbian folklore instrument!

Step 4! In Eurovision, nothing says winner like a violin. Trust us – bring a violin

Who else, really? The most iconic violin in Eurovision history is back!

Step 5! The violin, the drums and the kvinnaböske might make it all feel a little bit old fashioned, but this can easily be fixed by adding a DJ who pretends to scratch. In real life of course, this is thirty years old but in Eurovision, it will give your number a contemporary feel

He’s not pretending to scratch here, but that hand movement is one to remember. Such a contemporary feel!

Step 6! Costumes! You need to look memorable, something that the viewers will notice.

Nothing says Eurovision more than a dress change. Nothing screams Eurovision more than Saara Aalto.

Step 7! The song. Everything else might be important, but the song is essential. Let it be about something everyone can connect to. Love works. Peace is also a popular way to go!

Nothing screams love more than two youngsters leaving a reality TV house as a couple. And just look at them. Aren’t they cute?

Restoring peace in Europe with the most peaceful lyric of the year…. Pacifist bombs just don’t exist, say Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro.

Verse 1: The song

Let the song begin with passion
Let the wind begin to blow

He’s not quite Carola, but Mélovin loves his wind machine just as much, doesn’t he?

You can break the rules of fashion
And your chance to win shall grow

She just does whatever she wants, our Netta! Break those rules! Can her chance to win still grow, though?

Look into the TV camera
So the audience can see
That you’re lovable – not desperate
Smile and they will vote for me

Look over your shoulder, have a little nod into that camera. Lovable, not desperate. Smile, Benjamin!

Fill the stage with light,
As dancers will join us!
The expectations grow,
It’s time for the chorus!

Look at that choreography, building all those expectations for the chorus Lea Sirk is about to throw at us!


Love love peace peace!
Old women baking bread!

Oh did you say baking bread? We thought breaking bad! Sorry, Julia Samoylova.

Peace peace love love!
And a man in a hamster wheel!

Not quite a hamster wheel, but a Czech man on a camel will do nicely!

Love peace peace love!
Make it unforgettable,
you will be the best!
And win the Eurovision Song Contest!
Now we’ll go down a notch
Our hands will touch
Pretending we’re in love

They spread love, cause this is who we are. Lovely to see the hands forming a heart, Jessika and Jenny B!

It’s you and me
and when we change the key
We’ll give the world a shock!
It begins to snow!

Look closely, but up north in Denmark’s Viking ages, there was a bit of snow being thrown at poor old Rasmussen…

Love love peace peace!
And a burning fake piano!

Flames, flames! Ukraine’s flame is burning as they set poor old Mélovin’s stairs on fire…

Peace peace love love!
And a Russian man on skates!

No Russian men on skates this year, but a skating move from the lovely Jessika, with lovely robots on the side.

Love peace peace love!
It’ll be incredible!
You will be the best!
Love love peace peace!
Party for everybody!
Peace peace love love!
More tricks in a hamster wheel!


Not quite tricks in a hamster wheel, but dancers in a glass box secured a win in Malta for Christabelle.

Love peace peace love!
And we can guarantee
That you will be the best!
And win the Eurovision Song Contest!
And win the Eurovision Song Contest!

So, who do you think will be the best and win the Eurovision Song Contest? How well do you think the class of 2018 listened to Edward af Sillén’s recipe to win the Eurovision Song Contest? Let us know!

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