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Portugal’s Isaura reveals her critical thoughts on Israel’s entry

She is the songwriter for the Portuguese entry into this year’s Eurovision, O jardim, and is also an uncredited vocalist. Now, in an interview with Blitz, Isaura has given her opinion about some of this year’s Eurovision entries, including concerned one for Israel…

The best memories of Eurovision are with family

Isaura begins by talking about how family make Eurovision into a beautiful experience for her. She doesn’t look back and remember the songs themselves, she remembers the energy and the personal experiences with her family as they watched the contest together.
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“I was almost going to sing O jardim alone”

The interview reveals that Isaura originally intended to sing O jardim alone on stage:

If I hadn’t got somebody else’s input in the production of O jardim, it made sense to me to sing it, but it turned out to be natural for me to get somebody else in the end. I was worried about if somebody else could be the best communicator of such a personal story. If I hadn’t found Cláudia, it would have been just me.

Isaura’s favourites

Isaura talks about the Czech Republic being a particular favourite of hers this year. She refers to Lie To Me as a “piadão”, a word which doesn’t have a direct English translation, but means “a good joke” or “good fun”. She thinks it’s a very cool song, with a lot of ‘swag’!

The songwriter also mentions Sweden as one of her top entries, as it has a lot to do with her and her personal tastes.

Isaura’s criticisms of Israel’s entry

It seems that Isaura is baffled by Israel being the bookmakers’ favourite. She says that:

When I hear the Israeli song, I think: how is she going to do this live? It’s instantly what I think…

Netta has shown in both Tel Aviv and Amsterdam that she is more than comfortable performing on stage and is able to perform the song well. Although, she has said that both of those performances are just “sneak peeks” at what was to come in Lisbon – so nobody has any idea what could happen!
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Do you agree with Isaura? Should we be more worried about Netta’s live performance? Could Israel flop in Lisbon?
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