An Xtra Happy Birthday; April 21st

Guess how how many Eurovision Stars had a birthday yesterday on April 20th. Quite a lot, have a look and see the answer. However, today there are three Eurovision artist that celebrate their birthday. One of them took part in two national selections with the same song! Ronnie Tobler, Anastasia Prikhodko and Severina were born on this day.

Ronnie Tobler, 73

Netherlands selected Ronnie to be their representative in 1968. He had been doing well in America as a singer.  He therefore performed in London the song “Morgen”. The song shared the last place with Finland that year with one point.

Severina Kojić, 46

Croatia chose Severina to take part at Eurovision in Athens, 2006. Because of the conflict in the Serbian-Montenegro selection which lead them not taking part, Croatia went directly to the final. Therefore she performed the song “Moja Štikla” at the final where the song placed in the middle. That is the song got 51 points, which gave the song 12th place out of 24 entries.

Anastasia Prikhodko, 31

Anastasia took part in the national selection in Ukraine in 2009, however was disqualified. She fought that and tried to get back into the show with her song “Mamo”. That drama took a while but ended up taking a surprising spin, because she was allowed entry in the Russian selection. And ended being Russia’s representative Moscow. Prikhodko was both performed in Ukrainian and Russian language, with a interesting video in the background. Anastasia got 91 points at the final and landed the 11th place.

All of us here at escXtra would like to wish them wonderful happy birthday!

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