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Estonia says “Yes to the Dress”!

It is official! After some weeks of speculation, the Estonian Delegation has today confirmed that they have the funding to stage the ‘Projection Dress’ for Elina Nechayeva’s performance of ‘La Forza.’
Thanks to  eleventh hour sponsorship, the delegation is able to go into this year’s competition with their originally intended and soon to be fully realised staging! In a herculean effort the Estonian Head of Delegation Mart Normet has spent these last few weeks in conversation with both the Estonian Government and the private sector in order to generate the money for the dress. These sponsorships come from Saku Suurhall (the home of 2002 Eurovision and Eesti Laul), Carglass, Estravel and clothing brand River Island.

“Eurovision can be a tough game when you are a small nation with big ideas, so we are thrilled that a solution was found,”

said Normet, and the sentiment is echoed by us at the team from XTRA.
Addressing rumours surrounding the dress Normet has said, “I know there are some sceptics out there who thought that this was all a publicity stunt and they may never fully believe us, but we were incredibly close to having to pull the plug on the projector dress all together. We had a different act with a new lighting and camera plan ready to go just in case,”
True to form, these rumours have not affected the congenial Elina, who’s

“Main goal is to go out there and do my absolute best. I know that I would be able to do this regardless of what dress I am wearing, but I think this projection dress truly represents the message of all powerful, universal love and that is what La Forza is all about,”

Naturally when Elina was given the news she was ecstatic.

“I am so thankful to all the sponsors for their help, the Estonian team who have worked so hard to make this happen and to all the fans out there who have sent me messages of support. I cannot wait to go out there and make you all proud.”

Now that Estonia has said “Yes!” to the dress, and the rumours have settled the focus can turn back to delivering “to Europe and the world what we believe will be a truly impressive television moment,” as Normet promised.
Are you as thrilled as the rest of us that we can see Estonia’s vision realised? Can’t contain wait for the first semi final – Better rewatch La Forza below!


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