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Jurors reporting for duty! List of expert jurors for 2018 revealed

The EBU have this morning announced the official list of expert jurors who will have a stake in the outcome for both the semi finals and the grand final.  Among the list are many previous Eurovision performers as well as some other notable names.

The rehearsals are going full-swing right now and the news train shows no signs of stopping any time soon!  Now we finally know the full expert jury line-up for 2018 thanks to a handy-dandy PDF, which you can download below:

Just click here to download the list in PDF form 

HEY! Some of these look familiar…

As they should! Among a whole bunch of local musicians and industry professionals, digging through the list will reveal many familiar names for all of us Eurovision fans. Nathan Trent, for example, has come back to see what it’s like sitting in the Austrian jury chair. There are plenty of older contestants here too. Tom Dice, the Belgian representative in 2010,  shows up in their line-up. As do the 2015 entrants Bojana Stamenov (Serbia) and Aminata (Latvia). Frequent Melodifestivalen entrant Mariette is here to provide her opinion for Sweden. And even former Eurovision winners like Emmelie de Forest and  Niamh Kavanagh can be found in their respective juries. These are only a few names we picked out, eagle-eyed readers can find plenty more on this expansive list.

And the jury does what exactly…

Well, as has been the case for a few years now, 50% of the voting results are made up by the expert jurors listed above. Each of the 5 jurors rank ALL of the entries (in the semis and the final) from best to worst. Their combined result is then used to determine 50% of the overall result. Things have changed a bit this year, so we did our best to explain and simplify how all of that works just recently. Of course the professional jury doesn’t vote during the actual live events, but a day earlier during the dress rehearsal. This just gives our brave entrants an even bigger reason to be perfect even the night before!

What do you think of these jurors? Anyone in particular that caught your eye? Are you ready to blame them as soon as your favourite fails to qualify!

Let us know in the comments and on social media @ESCXTRA! 

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