An Xtra Happy Birthday; April 30th

Today on 30th of April there are seven Eurovision artists that have a birthday! From seven different countries. Astrid Böning, Peter Nalitch, Finn Kalvik, Nicolas Raptakis, Javi, Christos Mylordos, and  Sennek were all born on this day.


Finn Kalvik, 71

Norway selected the Finn in 1981 to be their reprecentative at Eurovision. That is why he performed the song “Aldri i livet” in Dublin. Sadly for him and Norway the song got 0 points at the contest.

Astrid Böning, 38

Estonia selected the group Neiokõsõ in 2004 to perform on  stage in Istanbul, Turkey. Astrid was a part of this group which sang in Võro language, the name of the song is “Tii”. This was the first time Estonia selected a song with televotes only, and their act won Eurolaul with great lead. At the semi-final it was in 11th place, therefore it failed to qualify for the grand final.

Peter Nalitch, 37

Russia chose Peter to be their representative in 2010. Therefore he took part at the contest in Oslo with the song “Lost Forgotten”. The song got 90 point at the final and therefore finished in the 11th place.

Javi (Francisco Javier Álvarez Colinet), 35

Spain selected the boy vocal band D’Nash in 2007 to sing on their behalf at Eurovision. Therefore Javi and the other members of the band went on stage in Helsinki, Finland.  Javi is the guy with the dark and longest hair. All dressed in white they sang “I Love You Mi Vida”. At the end of the voting the song got 43 points, leaving it 20th out of 24 acts.

Nicolas Raptakis, 28

Nicolas represented Greece at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. He did so as part of the duo Freaky Fortune. In addition, they were joined on stage by rapper Riskykidd. In the second semi-final, they performed the song “Rise Up”. They finished in 7th place, thus qualifying for the grand final. There, they reached 20th place.

Sennek ( Laura Groeseneken), 28

Belgium selected Sennek now in 2018 to be their act in Lisbon. Her song is called “A Matter Of Time” and will be performed at the first semi-final.We had a short chat with her after the first rehearsal, have a look.

Christos Mylordos, 27

Cyprus picked Christos to go on their behalf to Germany in 2011. That is why he performed the song “San Aggelos S’Agapisa” on the stage. Unfortunally for him the song did not qualify.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish them all a wonderful happy birthday!

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