An Xtra Happy Birthday; 1 May!

Yesterday on 30th of April there where seven Eurovision singers that had a birthday. Today, however, there are three Eurovision artist that have a birthday.  Three birthday ladies in diffrent ages. One performed in 1983, another in 1999 and the third 2017. Remedios Amaya, Anya Lahiri and Levina were born on this day.

Remedios Amaya, 56

In 1983, Spain internaly picked Remedios to go on their behalf to Eurovision. That is why she sang “¿Quién maneja mi barca?” on the stage in Munich, Germany. Sadly for her the song didn’t get any points.

Anya Lahiri, 36

United Kingdom selected the group Precious in 1999 to be their act at Eurovision. Anya was one of the members. Therefore they went Israel and performed “Say It Again”. Where they got 36 points, that is 12th place at the contest.

Levina, 27

Germany went with Levina at the 2017 Eurovision. That is why she went to the contest in Kyiv. Her song is called “Perfect Life” and unfortunately it only got 6 points. Therefore placed 25th place at the final.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish the a wonderful birthday.

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