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Mikolas Josef ‘getting significantly better’ after injury

After Sunday’s injury scare, we now hear positive news from the Czech Republic. In a statement on Facebook, the broadcaster confirm that Mikolas Josef is already feeling better.

Slipped disc

After his first rehearsal on Sunday, rumours arose that Mikolas Josef had injured himself. During one of the acrobatic tricks in his performance, he had a slip up, causing him terrible pains. He later confirmed the reports with a post on Instagram. He stated he couldn’t even walk anymore.

The official Czech Eurovision page on Facebook later explained more. After being treated in hospital, he was sent to another on the suspicion of a prolapsed disc in his back. He would then undergo an MRI to see what was wrong.

Mikolas Josef to change his performance?

The performance Mikolas Josef was supposed to bring to Lisbon included some acrobatic work from the artist himself. However, the Czech team are now considering changes to the performance as it seems unrealistic for Mikolas to be able to perform those tricks all himself.

However, the good news is that Mikolas is feeling significantly better than he did on Sunday. The first scare of him being unable to perform at all seems to have faded away. He is still in pain, but less than he used to have. The entire team is now working on delivering a great performance on Tuesday.

Mikolas Josef’s second rehearsal for the Czech Republic will be tomorrow. It remains to be seen how that’s going to work with him still being injured. All in all, though, this is some positive news!

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