An Xtra Happy Birthday; May 5th

Yesterday on 4th of May, two Eurovision singers had a birthday. Today, however, five Eurovision artist celebrate their birthday. The oldest one of them took 3 times part at Eurovision with for two diffrent countries! Romuald Figuier, Beso Tsikhelashvili, Maggie MacNeal, Kurt Calleja and Marija Sestic were all born on this day.

Romuald Figuier, 77

The France singer Figuier has taken part at Eurovision three times! The first time was for Monaco with the song “Où sont-elles passées“. Where he competed in 1964 in Copenhagen Denmark and placed 3rd.

Then Luxembourg selected Romuald in 1969 to be their representative in Madrid. That is why he sang “Cathrine” on the stage. This time his entry ended in 11th place out of 16 acts.

His third entry was in 1974, now again for Monaco. Therefore he sang “Celui qui reste et qui s’en va” on the stage in Brighton, UK. At the end of the voteting Romuald had 14 points. Which means he shared the 4th place with France and United Kingdom.

Maggie MacNeal, 68

Netherland chose the duo Mouth and MacNeal in 1974 to go Eurovision that year. That means Maggie also went to Brighton like Romuald Figuier. Their song “I See a Star” landed the third place.

Maggie was once again selected in 1980 then with the song “Amsterdam“. She got She got 93 points and therefore placed 5th out of 19 acts.

Beso Tsikhelashvili, ?

We are not quite sure what year he is born, probably because of lack of Georgian reading skills on our escXtra team. Anyway, Georgia picked the song Beso composed for his band Eldrine in 2011. That is why they performed “One More Day” on the stage in Dusseldorf, Germany. They managed to reach the final and get 110 points, and therefore finishing in 9th place.

Marija Sesti, 31

Bosnia and Herzegovina picked Marija in 2007 to go on their behalf in Helsinki, Finland. Because of earlier year good placement, she got to start directly at the final. Where she sang the song “Rijeka Bez Imena”. And the end of the show 106 points and therefore landing the 11th place.

Kurt Calleja, 29

In 2012, Malta decided that Kurt would go to Baku on their behalf. His song “This Is The Night” managed to qualify to the final. Where it placed 21st out of 26 countries.

We would like to send our best birthday greetings to the five of them!

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