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Stella Mwangi signs worldwide contract with Samsung

Samsung is using Stella Mwangi’s song “No Games” in the promotion of their new 9+, Norwegian newspaper VG reports. She is not however the first rapper they use.  In previous campaigns, the company has used music by international stars like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne.

Samsung 9+

Stella’s song will be played worldwide now that it is in the new Samsung’s promo video. The reactions have already started reaching Stella.

“The song is being played, among other places, all over the US, and I have received mails form fans everywhere in the world. And this is only the beginning, as the commercial has only run for a few days yet,”
a very happy Stella told VG.

Stella gets massive exposure

According to Knut Kristian Hauger, editor of the Norwegian communication and advertising magazine Kampanje, this contract is a really big deal with great marketing value. Samsung is the sixth largest brand in the world, and the exposure Stella will get through this advertising campaign is hard to measure.
Hauger says it’s difficult to make an estimate of the value of this contract in actual cash, but says it’s will be a substantial amount.

If Stella’s management was to promote one of her songs in a similar fashion in 90 countries the budgets would easily amount to several hundred million NOK. This estimate, however, is like playing with numbers,” Hauger says and adds that it’s great that more Norwegian artists are being used internationally by big brands. Another example is Highasakite, which recently collaborated with Citröen.

Original music that’s being used in advertisements often contributes to commercial success for the musicians, Hauger adds.

Airs in 90 countries across the globe

Stella’s manager, Erland Bakke, doesn’t want to go into detail about how much she is being paid for this, but says that this kind of deal normally would pay between 500.000 and 1 million NOK. The most important thing here is the massive exposure Stella and her music will get, in 90 countries accross the globe.
Tommy Hilfiger also used Stella’s music during his runway shows last year. She also contributed to several soundtracks, among them “Bad Moms” and “Rough Nights”.

Stella in Eurovision Song Contest

The Euroverse knows Stella best known as Norway’s representative at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf. She was one of the pre-contest favorites, however, she failed to qualify to the grand final with “Haba-Haba“. This year she returned to Melodi Grand Prix with the song “You Got Me“, alongside Alexandra Rotan. They finished in 3rd place.
Stella says;

An artist doesn’t need to be in the hit lists to make money. There is so much more one can do as an artist. Being selected to front Samsung’s new advertising campaign worldwide however, is something very special and unbelieveably fun. This is something every artist hopes to achieve.

What do you think of Stella’s “No Games”, and do you think it’s a good soundtrack for the Samsung 9+?

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