Lisbon 2018

Here we have it! The running order of the Eurovision Song Contest released

Things are heating up in Lisbon! The running order featuring all the acts performing in this years Eurovision final has been revealed.
Kicking this off with Ukraine and ending with Italy. The favourites, Cyprus, Israel and Lithuania are in 25th, 22nd and 4th! The EBU have also confirmed where the breaks will be during Saturday’s show. The first break will take place after host country Portugal has performed. Presumably also to set up the prop SuRie will be using for the United Kingdom. The second break will be after Australia, just before Finland.

Eurovision 2018 Running Order

01. Ukraine
02. Spain
03. Slovenia
04. Lithuania
05. Austria
06. Estonia
07. Norway
08. Portugal
09. United Kingdom
10. Serbia
11. Germany
12. Albania
13. France
14. Czech Republic
15. Denmark
16. Australia
17. Finland
18. Bulgaria
19. Moldova
20. Sweden
21. Hungary
22. Israel
23. The Netherlands
24. Ireland
25. Cyprus
26. Italy

Who will you be supporting on Saturday? Are you pleased with the draw of your favorites? Do you think that the running order will affect the outcome?
Let us know in the comments section below and on all social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter at @ESCXTRA!

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