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TVR board to “impose resignations and sanctions” following Romania’s failure to qualify

History was made in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, with three nations all failing to qualify for the first time: Azerbaijan, Romania and Russia. This leaves only Australia and Ukraine with 100% qualification records in the contest. As a result of their country’s non-qualification, the board at Romanian broadcaster TVR are taking strong actions against those responsible as reported by

“Resignations are required”

Last week, Romania’s Eurovision 2018 result was amongst the topics of discussion at the TVR board meeting. According to Home Media, TVR believes that the organisers of the Romanian performance were “not up to the level international competition requires”. In addition, “following the poor showing by the Romanian delegation, resignations will be required” and “sanctions will be imposed”.
Furthermore, TVR was disappointed at the Romanian delegation’s reaction to their non-qualification in Lisbon. Instead of taking responsibility, the Romanian team blamed technical problems with the voting lines in those countries with “large Romanian communities” such as in Germany and Italy. Lead singer of The Humans, Cristina Caramarcu, also posted similar claims on her social media pages following the semi-final.

Establishing a consistent investment strategy

Overall, the TVR board has requested that external staff involved in the 2018 Eurovision project would not be invited back for future editions of the contest. Furthermore, the board has agreed to establish a “good consistent investment strategy in order to achieve a good show” in future years.
The Humans performed second in the second semi-final with their rock-ballad Goodbye. Romania placed 13th in the televote and 8th in the jury vote. Once combined, Romania finished 11th, 4 points behind Hungary who achieved the final qualification position.

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