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RTP loses €4 million after hosting Eurovision 2018

According to Dinheiro vivo, RTP has recorded a loss of €4 million after investing a total of €20 million in hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. The financial outlay from the Portuguese broadcaster to host the Eurovision 2018 was also accompanied by a second outlay to broadcast the World Cup 2018, giving RTP another €5.6 million loss. Therefore, RTP is in a hard financial situation for the present year. 

RTP’s “budget is tight”

The RTP Workers Committee wants the accounts of the broadcaster to be audited, seeing it as a high priority after the massive effort that hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 was for RTP.

Those affiliated with the Portuguese broadcaster point out that the expenses accrued after hosting Eurovision 2018 and broadcasting the World Cup require the broadcaster to analyse strategic options that involve the future of the workers.

In response to this request, RTP’s administration says:

“The situation of this year is very complicated and the budget is tight. It must be managed rigorously after investing in the Eurovision Song Contest and the World Cup.”

Two global events, two financial losses

Dinheiro vivo explains that the investment for hosting the Eurovision 2018 was around €20 million, culminating in a €4 million loss. RTP also invested €12.6 million in the purchase of the rights to broadcast the World Cup 2018, which gave RTP an additional €5.6 million loss.

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