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TOY composer claims he’s the ‘bigger winner’

Doron Medalie, the composer of Netta’s winning song “TOY” has revealed to Israeli newspaper MAKO that he sees himself as the bigger winner of Eurovision 2018.
In the exclusive interview with MAKO, Doron expresses that Netta took a dislike to the song in the beginning and was adamant on sending her own composition to Lisbon. He continues to explain how Netta was keen to do everything single handily and didn’t like being told what to do.

“It was taking a wild horse and putting it into a luxurious stable, so it is very normal that the horse will try to resist””

He continued to reveal how this year’s winner was fearful about her entry and especially anxious about TOY’s success after the competition. He recalled her saying on numerous occasions, ‘what am I going to do with such a big hit after the contest?

Whose win was bigger, his or Netta’s?

When asked who’s win was bigger – his or Netta’s,  Medalie recalls a conversation he had with Netta in which he told her he would win the contest one day, with her welcome to join in his plans.  He believes his win was the bigger one as he managed to achieve a life long dream.

“Of course, I feel like I won more, in my personal point of view. The victory was something I had dreamed of, for many years, whereas Netta was thrown into it. “

With Doron’s composition being chosen for the third time in four years,  comments made by several songwriters claiming the process was claimed as rigged, were put to the composer.  To which he responded with;

“Do you know that the one working hard at Eurovision is me? The only one who understands Eurovision is me, the only one who can write songs that suit Eurovision is me. Do I not deserve it?  Over the last few years, I am writing the biggest hits in Israel and I suggest the bitter people to stop writing songs and do better things than getting mad about Doron Medalie”

“We weren’t good enough for winning Eurovision then”

The interview also delved into Doron’s feelings after Hovi Star failed to break the top 10 in Stockholm, an entry also composed by the songwriter.

“With Golden Boy the focus was to break the series of non qualifications and get to the final – We weren’t good enough for winning Eurovision then. After Hovi Star I had a decision not to come back to Eurovision without a winning song  – if I see that the artist and song aren’t winning material, I won’t come back to the contest.  As soon as I saw Netta, I knew I had something.”

Doron’s words criticised by Israeli media

This week, Leah Lev and Shai Goldstein, hosts of the 103 FM’s breakfast show, criticised Doron’s choice of words.

“The man spoke about Eurovision as if in previous years he didn’t write two songs that failed to win. No problem – say you tried three times and succeeded in the third one – don’t say you’re the only one who can write songs for the Eurovision. When Nadav and Hovi represented Israel you didn’t say that you’re responsible for them losing and ‘just passed by’. There’s a whole team behind every song –  Tmira Yardeni (the manager of Tedy Production) and Yoav Tzafir (producer of Rising Star) aren’t a part of the success? It’s humiliating for Netta to be said that anyone could’ve done that. He says that it doesn’t matter who would’ve represented Israel, he would win anyway.”

The Eurovision winner recently broke a Eurovision record, becoming the most viewed video to be uploaded to the official contest’s YouTube channel. TOY’s official music video has reached 58 million views in the space of three months, surpassing the likes of fellow winners Lena, Loreen and Måns Zelmerlöw.


    1. And yet it\’s been voted the third best winner this decade on, with over 21k people voting on the poll. The worst winner would have to be Running Scared in 2011 by far.

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