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RECORD BREAKER! “TOY” becomes most viewed video EVER on Eurovision YouTube channel

In the past few minutes, a historic moment has occurred! Yes, the official music video of TOY by Netta has become the most viewed video ever on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel. The 2018 Eurovision winning entry has taken the crown from Jessy Matador’s Allez Ola Olé which previously held the record.

Conquering 5,000 other videos

The official Eurovision YouTube channel was created on 5th March 2006. Now, over 4,900 videos have been uploaded to the channel which has amassed 2.3 million subscribers! Indeed, videos on the channel include the official entry music videos, live contest performances, interviews, special features and, a more recent addition, live streams of every Eurovision show. Overall, the Eurovision YouTube channel has more than 3.1 billion video views!
The official video of Satellite by Lena isn’t far behind but it was Jessy Matador’s official video for Allez Ola Olé which held the crown. However, the time has come for that crown to be passed on once more… to 2018 Eurovision winner Netta!

58 million views

TOY‘s official music video has amassed almost 58 million views in less than three months on the channel. At the time of writing, Allez Ola Olé is just a few views behind Netta with Lena approximately 500,000 views behind the two. These three are way ahead of the pack with the live grand final performances of Loreen’s Euphoria and Måns Zelmerlöw’s Heroes next up on 32 million views a piece.
With so many views in such a short space of time, it seems likely that TOY will become the first video on the channel to surpass the 100 million views milestone. But when will that happen? Why not drop a prediction below!


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