An Xtra Happy Birthday; May 11th

Yesterday on 10th of May two Eurovision artist celebrated their birthday. Today are three Eurovision singers that have a birthday. Two of them have also been backing singers for other Eurovision entries. Nathalie Pâque, Uzari and Shalene were born on this day.

Shalene, 42

Estonia picked the Swedish singer Shalene in 2002 to be their reprecentative at Eurovision. That is why she sang in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Her song “Runway” did really well that is  placed 3rd at the contest!

In addition to this, Sahlene was one one of the backing vocals for Charlotte Nilsson. Which won the contest in 1999 with the song “Take Me To Your Heaven“.

Nathalie Pâque 41

Belgium selected Nathalie to go on their behalf to Eurovision in 1989. Therefore she sang “J’ai volé la vie”  in Lausanne, Switzterland. She is the youngest lead performer at Eurovision, at that time she almost 12 years old. Next year they changed the rules regarding age limit. However Nathalie did really good and placed 7th place.

Uzari 27

After few attempts at the national final in Belarus, Uzari won the selection in 2015.  He and Maimuna, performed the song “Time” at the stage in Vienna, Austria. Unfortunately for them, they failed to to qualify to the final.
In addition to performing on stage, Uzari also took part as backing vocalist for Anastasia in 2011. As well as composing the Belarus’s entry in Junior Eurovision in 2014, “Sokal“.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish them a splendid happy birthday!

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