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Eurovision 2018 Ratings Watch: All eyes on Lisbon?

With an estimated audience of 200 million tuning in to last Saturday’s live broadcast of the Eurovision 2018 grand final,  it begs the question to many – how did the show perform in certain countries?
We compiled ratings data from several of the broadcasters which aired the show live, in which the findings unsurprisingly reveal that countries who made the grand final held a larger stake in the number of viewers tuning in.

Viewing figures rise in the UK, despite stage invasion

In the United Kingdom, 6.87 million viewers tuned in to the show which unfortunately saw SuRie’s performance of Storm interrupted by a stage intruder. This figure is up on last year by  200,000 viewers.
In Germany, viewership for the final reached 8.21 million, attracting a 33% share of the overall TV audience.  In Spain, just under half of the entire TV audience tuned in to see Alfred and Amaia perform with a finalised viewing figure of 7.17 million.
Over in Italy, the contest is steadily on the up with RAI reporting an audience share of 18.63%.

French viewers choose Eurovision over TF1’s The Voice

France had strong competition in it’s Saturday night ratings war with the contest going head to head with The Voice.  While the chair spinning competition pulled in a steady 4.4 million,  Eurovision had the edge with 5.15 million viewers tuning in.
Slovenia were classed by many as the surprise qualifier of the second semi final with the song Hvala, Ne! performed by Lea Sirk.  As a result,  TVSLO1 gained their best audience figure of the year so far, with 233,000 tuning in to see the song performed once more.

Eurovision is Fire in Cyprus!

With Cyprus climbing up to prime position with the bookies in the final week of betting,  excitement in the country was building fast.  PIK News reports that over 52% of the island tuned in at the beginning of the broadcast,  which rapidly rose to 95% by the time the televoting results had commenced.  Similarly in Greece,  despite not reaching the final themselves,  almost 48% of the country’s television audience had tuned in to the contest.
Equivalently in Israel, over 1 million people tuned in to see Netta take the trophy, gaining broadcaster Kan an audience share of 59.4%.
Many broadcasters are yet to reveal their figures for Eurovision, whilst others choose not to make the information public at all.  From the ones we have been able to gather,  this is an extended list of viewing data for this year’s final:

Country Viewership Share
Austria 1.01m 59.0%
France 5.15m 28.5%
Cyprus 300,000 25.0%
Germany 8.21m 33.3%
Greece 47.9%
Israel 1.05m 59.4%
Italy 3.42m 18.63%
The Netherlands 3.02m 59.0%
Norway 1.37m 84.0%
Portugal 1.54m 36.4%
Serbia 30.3%
Slovenia 233,800 12.4%
Spain 7.17m 43.5%
United Kingdom 6.87m 39.0%

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