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Poland confirms intention to participate in 2019

Polish participation continues

Polish broadcaster (TVP) confirmed its intention to participate in both the Eurovision Song Contest and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2019. Plans to participate in the shows were included in a document containing the broadcaster’s plans for next year. This marks Poland’s sixth consecutive appearance at the contest, having returned in 2014. It is not yet known whether the televised show Krajowe Eliminacje will once again be the selection method or if there will be any changes. The document also confirmed that Poland will also participate in the 2019 edition of Eurovision Young Dancers.

More Eurovision related events in 2018

However, before next year, Poland still has two more Eurovision related events to take part to. In fact, in August they will participate in Eurovision Young Musician in Edinburgh and in November they will be present at Junior Eurovision in Minsk. Poland’s entrant for the Minsk will be announced sometime in October. The country is the most recent winner of both Eurovision Young Musicians and Eurovision Young Dancers, despite not having won neither Eurovision nor Junior Eurovision.

Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest

Poland first entered the contest in 1994 with Edyta Gorniak who placed second with To nje ja! To date, that is still their best result at Eurovision. Following the successful debut, the country only managed to reach the top 10 one more time before withdrawing following the 2011 edition. In 2012 and 2013 Poland did not participate in the show citing financial difficulties. Success improved since returning to the contest in 2014, qualifying in 4 out of 5 attempts. In Lisbon, DJ and producer Gromee featuring Swedish singer Lukas Meijer flew the Polish flag with their electro dance piece Light Me Up. Despite their energetic performance, they only reached 14th place in the second semi-final with 81 points.

Are you happy Poland will participate in Israel? Who do you think should represent the country next year? Do you think Poland should have qualifier for the grand final this year? 
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