An Xtra Happy Birthday; May 19th!

Yesteday on 18th of May, a Swedish Eurovision lady had a birthday. Today however, are two Eurovision artist that have a birthday. Not everyone is in Eurovsion to win it, in fact the birthday boys band, wanted to finish last. Merethe Trøan and Dan Lacksman were born on this day.

Dan Lacksman, 68

Belgium selected the synth pop band, Telex to be their representative at Eurovision in 1980. Dan was apart of that group. Therefore he and the band performed the “Euro-vision” in The Hague. Despite hoping to come last at the contest, there wish did not come because Portugal gave them 12 points. Telex ended in 17th place out of 19 acts.

Merethe Trøan, 48

Norway went with the singer Merthe in 1992 to go to their neighbor country, Sweden. Her song “Visjoner” was the 21 act of the evening, and is remembered for because of her giggle in the middle of the performance. Trøan placed 18th out of 23 countries.

In addtion to this, Merethe took part at Melodi Grand Prix in 1985 with the group Pastel. The group consisted of her, her sister and two brothers unrelated to her. They finish 3rd at the Norwegian selection.
We all here at escXtra would like to send them both warm birthday wishes.

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